ICANN KPI DashboardVersion 2
As of June 2017
In line with ICANN's values of accountability, transparency, and excellence and efficiency, this Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Dashboard will be a living management tool to track progress on ICANN’s five strategic objectives and the related 16 goals.
The KPI Dashboard follows the same structure as the Strategic Plan Five-Year Operating Plan, and  Annual Operating Plan and Budget.
The KPI Dashboard will add value to the organization by:
     • Providing clarity on how the strategies will be achieved
     • Focusing on what is essential and requires attention
     • Enabling improvements via monitoring progress towards targets
The shepherd is the executive who is primarily responsible and accountable for the performance relevant to that work at ICANN. ICANN’s work is fully cross-functional, so the Goals define work and results from multiple departments within the organization.
If you would like additional information on the KPIs and other metric details, please see  Achievement & Progress Reporting.
We appreciate the constructive feedback from the community in advancing the dashboard to Version 2. Improvements will continue, and your  feedback is always welcomed.
How to Use: Click on one of ICANN’s five Strategic Objectives below to drill down to the Goal level of a particular Objective to view the up-to-date KPI Dashboards.
Objectives & Overall Status
1  Evolve and further globalize ICANN
1.1  Further globalize and regionalize ICANN functions
Sally Costerton,  Sr. Advisor to President & SVP, Global Stakeholder Engagement
  Number of remote participation session hours and number of remote participants at ICANN meetings
The number of meeting session hours compared to the number of session hours with remote participation available; and the total number of unique remote participants. The target is to increase usage of remote participation by 3–5% at each meeting, and to have remote participation available for 50% or more session hours at each ICANN meeting. 
  Language Services
The ICANN Language Services Policy defines proactive translation as the translation of a document into the UN languages without need for pre-translation evaluation. For more detailed information regarding ICANN's translation and language service policies and translation times please see the community wiki here: https://community.icann.org/display/ICANNLS/Translation+Master+File
1.2  Bring ICANN to the world by creating a balanced and proactive approach to regional engagement with stakeholders
Sally Costerton,  Sr. Advisor to President & SVP, Global Stakeholder Engagement
  Regional Engagement Events - FY17 Q3
Regional Stakeholder outreach events are defined as: presentation and speaking events, panel participation, workshops, and bi-lateral meetings; as well as attendance and participation at many regional and international conferences, government events, and technical events. For further information on regional stakeholder engagement, and regional strategic plan implementation please see the community wiki here: https://community.icann.org/category/gse
  ICANN Meeting Participation
ICANN Meeting participants self-designate their stakeholder sector group when registering for ICANN meetings; the target is to achieve balanced representation across sector groups which will be set using baselines which will be mapped at the end of FY16. 
1.3  Evolve policy development and governance processes, structures and meetings to be more accountable, inclusive, efficient, effective and responsive
David Olive,  SVP, Policy Development Support & Managing Director – Istanbul
  Representation - Formal membership totals across Supporting Organizations and Advisory Committees
Current quarter values are represented by the most recent month completed.

At-Large - total consisting of members from each of the five RALOs
ccNSO - total of ccTLDs that have joined the ccNSO
GAC - total of GAC members and observers
GNSO - total of two stakeholder groups in contracted party house and total of constituencies within the non-contracted party house
RSSAC - total of root server operators assigned to the committee
SSAC - total of members assigned to the SSAC committee
ASO - total of members assigned to the address council as appointed from the five regional Internet registries
  Participation - Measure of community activity in policy development and engagement
  Activity - Project status for policy work
  Productivity - SO/AC council resolutions and advice statements completed
  Impact - A measure of the policy activities as an end result after implementation
This pillar of measuring policy outcomes has not started, but it is included on the dashboard as a placeholder to better inform the community about the KPI framework for policy development. It will measure the impact and effectiveness of policy outcomes as data is captured from the ACTIVITY and PRODUCTIVITY pillars. This will require interaction across multiple functions within ICANN as well as the development of systems and process to capture the information. A target completion date has not yet been defined, but it will be a primary development activity during 2016.
2  Support a healthy, stable and resilient unique identifier ecosystem
2.1  Foster and coordinate a healthy, secure, stable, and resilient identifier ecosystem
Akram Atallah,  President, Global Domains Division
  GDD Overall SLT Performance
The scores represent the aggregate of SLTs measured for the following areas: IANA operations, GDD operations, Customer Service and New gTLD Program.
2.2  Proactively plan for changes in the use of unique identifiers, and develop technology roadmaps to help guide ICANN activities
David Conrad,  SVP & Chief Technology Officer
  ICANN interaction with the Technical and Public Safety Communities
This data represents the Office of the CTO interaction with the technical and public safety communities in regards to publications, presentations and keynotes, training and research projects that have been completed. These activities highlight the amount of request driven activities that ICANN receives in relation to our technical and public safety communities.  
  Technical Reputation Index Progress
Office of the CTO will be consulting with the technical community to create an index which ICANN may build trending data to highlight its technical reputation across the diverse communities.

We expect an index matrix to be available by the end of FY17 and will reach out to the community for public comment.

Items that could be tracked within the index could include; participation and publication in the IETE, technical training, and other aspects where ICANN can measure its technical reputation. 
2.3  Support the evolution of domain name marketplace to be robust, stable and trusted
Akram Atallah,  President, Global Domains Division
  gTLD Marketplace Health Index
*Published for public comment in July 2016 and updated with current data in December 2016. Report available at https://www.icann.org/resources/pages/metrics-gdd-2015-01-30-en
3  Advance organizational, technological and operational excellence
3.1  Ensure ICANN’s long-term financial accountability, stability and sustainability
Xavier Calvez,  SVP & Chief Financial Officer
  Financial accountability (unaudited) - June 2017
Funding and Expenses continue to be consistent with forecast expectations. The decrease of the Reserve Fund over the adopted budget is expected to support strategic initiatives.
  % of all projects completion status - July 2017
The total number of projects is 204. Overall, 94% (191 projects) are on target, 4.1% (10 projects) are at risk, and 1.7% (3 projects) are in trouble. The “At Risk” status is used when project dates are at risk of tracking behind the estimated planned completion date. For detailed project status, please see ICANN Portfolio Management System at https://features.icann.org/plan.
  % of staff voluntary turnover trailing-twelve-month trend (TTM) - June 2017
The trailing 12 month turnover rate is the total voluntary terminations of full-time staff members during a 12-month period divided by the average full-time staff members headcount during that period.
Benchmark source:  Radford Trends Report Technology Edition – Global
  Enterprise risk management progress - June 2017
  Planning process calendar - June 2017
3.2  Ensure structured coordination of ICANN’s technical resources
Ashwin Rangan,  SVP, Engineering & Chief Information Officer
  ICANN service uptime tier 1 - May 2017
All services except “Salesforce Customer Portal” meet or exceed service level requirement.
  ICANN service uptime tier 2 - May 2017
All services meet or exceed service level requirement.
3.3  Develop a globally diverse culture of knowledge and expertise available to ICANN’s Board, staff and stakeholders
Susanna Bennett,  SVP & Chief Operating Officer
  % completion of global knowledge development programs - June 2017
  Achievement of global diverse culture and knowledge levels of stakeholder
Stakeholder diversity at ICANN Meetings.
  Global diverse culture and knowledge levels of board - June 2017
In compliance with Bylaws requirements regarding global diversity of the ICANN Board by region. Note that the above chart does not include ICANN’s President and CEO, who also serves as a Board member.
  Achievement of global diverse culture and knowledge levels of staff - June 2017
Location of all staff compared to senior management staff by region - growth in diversity of culture & knowledge.
4  Promote ICANN’s role and multistakeholder approach
4.1  Encourage engagement with the existing Internet governance ecosystem at national, regional and global levels
Tarek Kamel,  Sr. Advisor to President & SVP, Government & IGO Engagement
  Government and IGO engagement and participation at ICANN - Quarterly Data FY17
Engagement data is scored using six factors: # of touch points (bilateral meetings, trainings, presentations, engagement in regional engagement strategies, etc.); MoU or other trust agreement; membership in the GAC; leadership positions in the GAC; and attendance at ICANN meetings. The graph will compare the baseline engagement activity by Quarters in FY17. The current graph has the first quarter and second quarter engagement activity (July to September and October to December) in comparison. The goal going forward will be to show increasing levels of engagement in all three categories of governmental engagement: National governments; IGO/IO; and regional governmental entities. The goal is for the level and constancy of engagement to improve quarter by quarter with more entities in the higher categories of engagement and fewer in the lower levels of participation.
4.2  Clarify the role of governments in ICANN and work with them to strengthen their commitment to supporting the global Internet ecosystem
Tarek Kamel,  Sr. Advisor to President & SVP, Government & IGO Engagement
  Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC) membership and meeting participation
Graph data reflects information from ICANN 49 through ICANN 57. Data is updated after each ICANN meeting to reflect the membership and participation levels by region.
4.3  Participate in the evolution of a global, trusted, inclusive multistakeholder Internet governance ecosystem that addresses Internet issues
Tarek Kamel,  Sr. Advisor to President & SVP, Government & IGO Engagement
  Cumulative participation in IG Ecosystem Evolution by quarter FY17
Graph data reflects information from 1 July 2016 through 30 September 2016 for Q1 of FY17; Data is updated after each quarter and will be shown cumulatively in comparison to previous time periods as we move forward to reflect trends in the level of activity  for the fiscal year. The aim is to demonstrate increasing levels of engagement quarter by quarter.
  Number of Regional and National IGF initiatives by calendar year
Graph will be updated annually allowing comparison of activity level by year.
4.4  Promote role clarity and establish mechanisms to increase trust within the ecosystem rooted in the public interest
Jamie Hedlund,  SVP, Contractual Compliance & Consumer Safeguard
  % of contractual compliance service level targets - June 2017
The Contractual Compliance Performance Reports and definitions can be found at this link: https://features.icann.org/compliance
5  Develop and implement a global public interest framework bounded by ICANN’s mission
5.1  Act as a Steward of the Public Interest
John Jeffrey,  General Counsel & Secretary
  KPI for Exploring the Public Interest within ICANN's remit is in development
Collaborative steps to develop consensus definition(s) of public interest within ICANN's remit
Collaborative work with Community, Board, and staff to develop consensus definition(s) of public interest within ICANN's remit and provide operational impact across all groups.
5.2  Promote ethics, transparency and accountability across the ICANN community
Theresa Swinehart,  SVP, Multistakeholder Strategy & Strategic Initiatives
  Specific Reviews recommendation implementation progress status - June 2017
Additional information on Review recommendations is posted at: https://www.icann.org/resources/pages/achievement-progress-reporting-2015-08-07-en.  An important consequence of Specific Review recommendations is that they stimulated long-term improvement efforts. For example, while ATRT1 implementation projects were completed as agreed and incorporated into standard operating procedures, additional accountability and transparency improvements were undertaken in the identified areas and several are ongoing. Continuous improvement can make identifying a specific completion point for projects more challenging, and refinement of the implementation process (including success criteria) is recommended for the next round of Reviews.
  109 ATRT2 implementation milestones/activities - March 2017
ATRT2 implementation is piloting a new approach based on the Project Management Institute (PMI) principles, with more detailed tracking and reporting. 12 ATRT2 recommendations are comprised of 109 unique milestones/activities, of which 99% are complete. Community activities comprise 28% of all milestones; Board activities - 6% and staff - 66%.
*The number of milestones has decreased since they were removed from the workplan in favor of community effort and to avoid duplication; similar work has been identified by CCWG activities.
  Promote Ethics
This dashboard provides a snapshot as of 31 March 2017 trended on a historical basis.
  Promote Transparency
This dashboard provides a snapshot as of 31 March 2017 trended on a historical basis.
  Promote Accountability
This dashboard provides a snapshot as of 31 March 2017 trended on a historical basis.
5.3  Empower current and new stakeholders to fully participate in ICANN activities
Sally Costerton,  Sr. Advisor to President & SVP, Global Stakeholder Engagement
  # of community-led public responsibility initiatives supported
Tracking number of community-led public responsibility initiatives ICANN supports; they include discussion groups on human rights, diversity, public interest, and New gTLD Program auction proceeds.
  # of participants in and progress report of programs supporting education 
Tracking progress of programs that are designed to support education, particularly the Online Learning Platform (OLP) ICANN Learn.
  # of participants in and progress report of programs supporting the next generation
Tracking progress of programs that are designed to support the next generation of the ICANN community, particularly through the Fellowship Program and the NextGen@ICANN Program.
How to read and understand the charts: 
0 - 49
Tracking significantly short of target
Immediate corrective action needed
50 - 84
Tracking short of target
Corrective actions as needed
85 - 100
Tracking to target
Stay the course, no corrective action needed