1. Evolve and further globalize ICANN

1.1 Further globalize and regionalize ICANN functions

Sally Costerton
Sr. Advisor to President & SVP, Global Stakeholder Engagement
Objective 1 | Goal 1.1
Remote Participation at ICANN Public Meetings
As of May 2017

This chart shows the ratio between the total session hours and the session hours with remote participation available. It shows the growth in usage. Our target is to increase usage by 10% at ICANN meetings A&C (the six and seven-day meetings) and 3% at Policy Forums. We want to have remote participation available at least half of sessions, or at least half of session hours at each meeting.
Please Note: From ICANN62 onwards, the “unique participants” metric does not record participation in closed sessions. This change results from improved security for the Adobe Connect system.
For questions or comments please submit your feedback on the accountability indicators page or by contacting us at

Language Services
As of May 2017

The ICANN Language Services Policy defines proactive translation as the translation of a document into the U.N. languages without the need for pre-translation evaluation. For more detailed information regarding ICANN's translation and language service policies and translation times, please see the community wiki here.