1. Evolve and further globalize ICANN

1.2 Bring ICANN to the world by creating a balanced and proactive approach to regional engagement with stakeholders

Sally Costerton
Sr. Advisor to President & SVP, Global Stakeholder
Objective 1 | Goal 1.2
ICANN Events by Stakeholder Categories
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Regional outreach events are defined as speaking events, participation in panels, workshops, and bilateral outreach meetings with various stakeholders, as well as participation at various regional and international conferences across multiple sectors.

Engagement and Community Metrics Timeline

In order to accurately report on the outcomes of ICANN organization's engagement activities and programs its undertaking a variety of tasks and projects to integrate systems and processes with a view to present an outreach and community metrics data model to the community for consultation. Once the model has been finalized ICANN organization will integrate this model into its goal setting exercises and upcoming five-year strategic planning process. This has been an ongoing effort at improvement over several iterations, and this timeline reflects the current work that is taking place. This timeline and the work associated with it aims to achieve the ultimate goal of measuring effectiveness, increasing accountability, and ensuring ICANN organization is delivering on its engagement goals and objectives.